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Family Funeral Directors

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Kerry Rolfe of KE Rolfe Funeral Director

Family Funeral Directors
at the Heart of Cambridgeshire's Communities

Welcome to K.E. Rolfe Funeral Directors: family-run, community-oriented funeral directors providing tailored funeral services to the people of March & Chatteris and surrounding areas of Cambridgeshire.


We keep the family at the heart of everything we do, proudly providing tailored funeral services, from cremations to burials, celebrating the lives of those around March, Chatteris and surrounding villages.

With larger funeral directors and undertakers missing the mark on how a funeral should be undertaken, we have dedicated our practices and services to meet your and your family’s needs. The commemorative ceremony is a culminating celebration of an individual’s lifetime, bringing those affected together to part with their loved one in a fitting service.


We carry this through all of our comprehensive funeral services for those in March and Chatteris and surrounding areas of Cambridgeshire; we plan, effectuate, and ensure a fitting commemoration for you and your loved one.


At K.E Rolfe Independent Funeral Directors, we have many different options for you and your family to choose from for your chosen service.

We also work with several partners to ensure your every need can be fulfilled and your loved ones service can run exactly as planned.

Burial & Cremation

Through the underlying focus on the family’s wishes for a tailored funeral, we can provide a traditional funeral service, which includes flowers and a horse-drawn carriage. If you are after something less conventional, get in touch and let us tailor our services to you.

Alternatively, at an established crematorium, we provide bespoke cremations, a procedure through which many take comfort. 

Private Chapel

Whatever your faith, we have a quiet, private space for you to reflect and collect your thoughts, before moving forwards with your service planning.

If you are looking for a time in which to find temporary comfort and solace, our private chapel may be beneficial to you.


Funeral Notices

We understand that funeral arranging is a difficult process, one which can be convoluted at a time which nothing should be. The personal funeral services we offer streamlines the entire process; we work with you on an individual level, without going through many hoops to organise the ceremony.


We’re qualified funeral directors comprehensively planning and overseeing the funeral, under the guidance of your needs. We’re proud to be establishing ourselves as your one-stop funeral directors  in March, Chatteris, and surrounding areas of Cambridgeshire, arranging everything you may need, from pallbearers to flowers, transport, and more.


If you have a need, get in touch and let us see how we can help.

Through our vast experience in afterlife care and procedures, we have the expertise in planning funerals of many different types. Generally, we balance traditional funeral arrangements and procedures with a modern touch, whilst ensuring that it fits your needs and vision.

If you are looking for a burial, cremation, green burial, or pre-paid funeral around March & Chatteris, Cambridgeshire — and want to celebrate their lives with a commemorative ceremony that reflects the life of your loved one and its attendees, get in touch today.

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