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First couple of months being open

During my first week of opening, I took a call which was to look after a family who had lost a loved one. Even though I have done this for over twenty years, I felt so nervous as I was now doing this for myself and it is now my name above the door.

The #funeral got arranged to the families wishes but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances it had to be postponed so was not the first funeral to leave the new home.

I was privileged enough to look after another family who lost their mum. I knew this family as they lived in Manea where I live. Again, the funeral was arranged to the families wishes. The family chose an #ecofriendly #coffin, and this had a garland of flowers placed all the way round it which looked beautiful, thank you Andrea at Elizabeth Florist, chatteris.

The day of the funeral arrived, and I felt physically sick with nerves. The coffin was placed onto the hearse and I paiged (walked) in front of the hearse and along the front of my funeral home. At this point it was one of the proudest moments I had achieved in my lifetime and a moment I will never forget.

The funeral went ahead as planned and the family were extremely pleased with the service, I had given them at this time of need.

A comment I received from this family was:

Kerry I can’t tell you how grateful our family is to you. Ma would have been delighted to know that she was your first funeral as an independent, and no-one would have known. Your professionalism and knowledge have been indispensable to our family, you have handled everything with such a gentle touch and managed to carry out our requests with ease and dignity. I cannot thank you enough for all your kindness and compassion at such a difficult time for my family. We are so very grateful. Thank you.

I have continued to look after more bereaved families and some who have lost a loved ones through tragic circumstances but I stive to look after all my families with care, compassion and empathy and when I receive comments like the one above it makes everything, I do worthwhile and is the reason I come into the funeral sector.

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